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Gold package deal


Gold Package has every products that one need, this gold package will last you any where from 6 months or longer, it's a good deal to grow your hair back healthy strong and full, say good by to baldness,and hello to hair, you will receive,

12oz Shampoo

16oz Conditioner

16oz ,queens and kings conditioner

16 oz Apple licious

16 oz Face mask

4 oz Growth oil

4 oz hair mask

vitamin 2 bottle

16 oz dread loc pudding

4 oz theraputic oil 

4 oz solution to kill 

if you are taking Radiation or have Cancer do not use our products until your treatment is over,Queens natural hair care was design for Cancer clients, Hair loss, Thinning, Balldness, Alopecia, or to grow healthy strong hair back,our products is use for scalp disorder, dryness, bacteria,sores,and hair growth, and much more.Say no to baldness and hello to hair,Queens natural hair care can be use for all people of colo

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